The opinion of parents on the Dual Diploma Program!

15 December, 2020

The opinion of parents on the Dual Diploma Program!

Giacomo is a Dual Diploma Graduate who recently completed the Program with excellent results. We asked Giacomo’s mother to answer three quick questions about her son’s experience with the Dual Diploma Program. =) Sharing the opinion of our students’ parents is very important for us!


1. As a parent of a Dual Diploma Graduate, what do you think were the strengths of the Program?

In my opinion, the main strength of the Dual Diploma Program lies in the offer of a course of study rooted in the American language and culture: the live sessions with certified American teachers and a virtual class of international students allowed for a cultural exchange of high cultural level.
Also, the subjects offered by the Dual Diploma Program, such as American History, Psychology or Criminology – which aren’t traditionally included in the Italian high school curriculum – gave my son the opportunity to get curious about different topics, and experiment a more practical approach on the study of different disciplines.


2. Would you recommend for parents to choose the Dual Diploma Program for their kids? If so, what was the main reason why you decided to enroll your son?

I would definitely suggest for parents to choose Dual Diploma with Mater Academy for their children. I learned about the Dual Diploma Program by word of mouth and I immediately thought that my son would take great advantage from it. I saw it as an opportunity to constantly learn the English language from an educational point of view, and a personal growth path in a high-level, motivating and stimulating context as well.


3. What was the best moment you experienced with us?

The best moment with Dual Diploma Program was when my son Giacomo took part in the wonderful experience of the Miami Summer Program, which allowed him to attend a real American High School. However, I have to admit that the Graduation Ceremony celebrated in Piazza Bra on September 14th was an extremely moving moment and the perfect conclusion of our journey together. The pandemic situation of Covid-19 was a potential obstacle, with all the difficulties involved in complying with safety and security regulations for participants. However, Mater Academy made that day unforgettable thanks to its commitment, resoluteness and excellent organization.


A special thanks to all the parents who decide to support their children’s dreams, offering them the necessary tools to face the challenges for their future with determination and awareness!

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