Our Partnerships

The Dual Diploma takes the field to promote education!

The Dual Diploma Program has various sports interests, all related to the United States.
Our partners support our dual diploma students and every year they come up with new opportunities to share ideas.
Our partnerships enrich our journey.

The Dual Diploma Program works at a local level with high schools and organizations all over your home country. See who our partners are.

Supporting one another has led to US-themed activities and competitions.

Mastini di Verona

Friendship and passion bind us with the Verona-based football team Mastini.


Our tech-savvy students participate in an international competition.

bobby jones
Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones brings together unique projects related to cinema and basketball.

Partner schools

Dual Diploma Partnerships: the school network in Italy

The Dual Diploma Program works with over 250 schools from all over Italy who care deeply about their students’ language skills. Contact the tutors of the Italian Dual Diploma office to set up a parternship together and create a new activity in your school with an international scope.


Partners in innovative study pathways for Italian middle schools.

welcome hight school

Educational project with Neways on orientation in Italian middle schools.


An American establishment that promotes educational opportunities and activities for students.


A partner school to enhance language skills of Italian students.

job and orienta

A national fair dedicated to senior high school students.

Comune di Verona

The Program’s only Italian office is in Verona, also sponsored by the Municipality of Verona.

Salone dell'Orientamento di Verona

The Orientation Meeting offers tailor-made orientation counseling.

Ralph Krauss

Academica works with Edutainment to create educational webinars.

Dual Diploma on the media

Siamo orgogliosi di poter condividere e citare le testate giornalistiche con le quali abbiamo collaborato per raccontare l’esperienza della High School in Italia dei nostri studenti!

Segnaliamo alcuni degli articoli principali che è possibile consultare online nei link riportati:

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QN il Resto del Carlino
Quotidiano nazionale
il Resto del Carlino
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