Our story

Earn the original Dual Diploma - 2001

Academica, an American leading institution in terms of educational services, starts the international recognition of school credits

Earn the original Dual Diploma - 2009

Spain is the first country to offer the Dual Diploma Program with Academica combined with the Spanish Baccalaureate

Earn the original Dual Diploma - 2014

The Dual Diploma Program arrives in Italy, the first students sign up for the program to obtain two diplomas, the Italian high school diploma and the US high school diploma.

Earn the original Dual Diploma - Today

the Dual Diploma has grown and welcomes talented students from all over Italy to its community: join the community

If you need help, contact the Italian team of the Dual Diploma, our office is open Mondays through Fridays, from 9am to 6pm

The Italian Team will provide you with information and guide all students in their eudcational paths, contact us!

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Richard Collins

Richard Collins

President and CEO

Michele Dondarini

Accounting and Institutional Liaison

Andrea Sordelli

Marketing Manager

Nathalie Nioi

HR Manager and Director of Student Orientation

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Kay Scettro

Kay Scettro

Chief Academic Advisor

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Elena Masotto

Elena Masotto

PR and Event Manager

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Marco Scano

Marco Scano

Academic Advisor – Customer Service

Annalisa Rossi

Academic Advisor – Customer Service

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Lisa Formenti

Lisa Formenti

Academic Advisor – Customer Service

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Nadia - Hahlamoun

Nadia Hashlamoun

Academic Advisor – Customer Service

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Valeria Berger

Valeria Berger

Academic Advisor – Customer Service for Austria

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Ilaria Bonamini

Ilaria Bonamini

Accounting Manager

Giulia Zucca

Accounting Assistant

Ours is an authentic American high school: here’s the staff that follows all international students from the United States

The USA Team coordinates the Dual Diploma at a global level, all teachers are recognized by the Florida Department of Education

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Gina LaLicata

Gina LaLicata


Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Andreas Calavia

Andres Calavia

Director of International Development

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Auralia Serize

Auralia Serize

Assistant Principal

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Nicole Osagie

Nicole Osagie

Assistant Principal

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Jessica Vilorio

Jessica Vilorio

Vice Principal

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Kelly Rodriguez

Kelly Rodriguez

Lead Global Teacher

Here are some of our dual diploma students, who just like you work every day to fulfill their dreams

We are very proud of our students, they are the heart of our Dual Diploma Program

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Giulia Piselli

Giulia Piselli

Active Dual Diploma student with a passion for journalism

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Alexandru Isacov

Alexandru Isacov

Graduate and winner of the 2021 Alfiere del Lavoro Prize, he is now studying Medicine in Pisa, Italy.

Doppio Diploma Italia - USA - Valentina Gaiardelli

Valentina Gaiardelli

2018 Graduate, she is now studying Communication in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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