Universities abroad

How to fulfill your dream of attending a university abroad

The most common option is to attend a college in the United States, but thanks to what you learn through the DD Program you can also consider studying in other English speaking countries, such as the UK, Canada or Australia, or stay in Europe or in your home country, by choosing to attend a university course of study taught entirely in English.
Here are the main stages to take into account.

The main differences

The university system abroad

University abroad is a bit different from university in your home country: the teaching approach is different, as are the duration of the degree courses, the academic calendar, the structure of the curriculum and how a student’s university studies are assessed.
Start with a research to understand where you want to to go to study.


How far in advance does one need to enroll?

The selection takes place during the school year prior to departure, so start preparing your application one year and a half prior to the start of classes at your new University.
In US colleges the deadline is around November of your final year of high school, in the UK it’s in January.

L'ammissione all'università all'estero è facilitata con un doppio diploma. Scopri come ottenerlo con Programma Doppio Diploma. - 4

Prepare your Application

Complete your application online

To sign up in the UK you can complete your application on the UCAS website.
There are various channels for US colleges: the Common App, the Coalition Application or the University website.
You will always have to enter your grades, high school diploma, motivational letter references, language test results (IELTS/TOEFL) and your SAT score.

How much does university abroad cost?

Costs vary significantly depending on your destination

University tuitions vary significantly from country to country and from one university to another.
Usually studying in the US, Canada or UK is more expensive than studying in many other countries, but bear in mind that you can apply for a scholarship (if any) or facilities such as a Student Loan.

Individual consultation

We will help you fulfill your dream

If you are interested in attending university abroad, the Dual Diploma Program offers a tailor-made consultancy service, with one-to-one meetings to help you navigate the world of universities abroad and submit a competitive application.
This will give you a better chance of being admitted and fulfilling your dream!

Your US high school in your home country awaits you!

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