American High Schools: how do they work?

State, private and charter schools

In the US there are state, private and charter schools. Charter schools are managed with public funds, but they have greater autonomy compared with state schools, which is why they are often more innovative and modern. The Mater Academy is a charter school and has received many acknowledgments thanks to the quality education it offers its students.

The Dual Diploma Program shows you their organization and what the various levels of American schools are. - 1

Differences between US High Schools and High Schools in your home country

The best of the two educational worlds: your home country and the USA

There are some differences between US and high schools in your home country, such as number of years, school calendar, the flexibility students have in choosing their curriculum and the US teaching method, which is usually very practical in nature.
The US educational system does not include a final exam, but rather a final score called GPA.

Your US high school in your home country awaits you!

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