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We are sure you will have some questions on the Dual Diploma in English. We wanted to anticipate them, so we created this section. And of course, we know that you parents too are reading these pages and want to learn more. Here you will find some answers to your questions too.

Do you have any questions on the Dual Diploma Program in English? Look at our FAQs. And if you don't find what you are looking for, contact us.

Is the student enrolled in the United States?

Yes. The students are enrolled in the Mater Academy High School as part of the Dual Diploma. The school is in Florida and has 23 branches, which form a comprehensive school system, which includes kindergarten, elementary school and secondary school. Mater is managed by Academica Corporation, an innovative institution belonging to the US Charter Schools and, at the same time, one of the largest institutions in terms of number of schools and students.

How does the Dual Diploma in English work?

Mater Academy recognizes up to 75% of the 24 credits needed to earn a high school diploma. This means that students are asked to complete only 6 credits (meaning 6 annual courses): 4 mandatory subjects (2 English courses, one American History course and one Economics and American Institutions course) and two elective subjects. The enrolled student will receive their diploma once they have earned all 24 credits.

What advantages does the student get from the Dual Diploma?

The virtual environment of the Dual Diploma allows for an intense language immersion of the student. Including the US dual diploma in one’s CV will show the candidate’s abilities and discipline in earning two qualifications: both the American and your home country’s high school diplomas. It will also show clear language skills and verified skills in using cutting-edge technology used for digital learning.

How many hours does it take up?

The effort depends on the student’s study method. Each course requires about 3/4 hours of study per week. From a broader perspective, the program can be deemed an extracurricular activity that students do in the afternoon, in the evening or over the weekend like any other extracurricular activity. The student always plans their studies with their US teacher.

Can one withdraw from the Dual Diploma?

A student can withdraw from the Dual Diploma Program at any time. However, if they do so at the end of the school year, the entire year done up to that point is recognized. If there are any difficulties, the tutors from your home country are at the families’ disposal at any time. The goal is to always find the best solution for the specific needs of each student.

What’s the difference between a US diploma and an English language certification?

The Dual Diploma is a fully-fledged high school diploma. Like the diploma of your home country high school, once you earn it, it is valid and will be recognized for your entire life. A language certification, instead, only certifies one’s language skills in a given moment. That’s why they have an expiration, after which one needs to prove it and certify it again.

What’s the difference between a Dual Diploma and an IB?

The Dual Diploma, thanks to an intense language and culture experience with Mater High School, improves your academic curriculum with cutting-edge online learning tools. IB issues an “International Baccalaureate”, which is issued by an educational organization. The diploma program can be taught in English, French or Spanish. For further questions on the Dual Diploma, contact us for a personalized consultancy.

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