Everything you need to know on the Dual Diploma Program

The Dual Diploma Program allows students around the world to earn a United States high school diploma while simultaneously earning their home country secondary degree.

The DD Program allows the students to earn an official US High School Diploma through an academically rigorous and intellectually enriching program, thus preparing them to be competitive on every level of higher education and on the global job market.

The virtual courses are entirely in English and include access to all materials through our online platform under the guidance of American teachers supervising the students’ progress. In addition to being matched with fully-certified teachers, all students are provided access to a Single Sign-On (SSO) account that allows them to easily access all of their course materials, programs, and applications wherever in the world they may be. In a span of 4, 3 or 2 years students can complete their 6.0 credits through Academica Virtual Education and get an official US High Scholl Diploma.

Parents and students alike can login 24/7 to check their progress, grades, course updates, and pertinent announcements. They can also easily message teachers, program directors, and key stakeholders. Students regularly take part in high-definition video conversations, group activities, and discussions in order to make the course material “come alive” and ensure that they apply what they are learning to their everyday lives experiences.