The University of South Carolina in Beaufort (USCB)

13 Giugno, 2022

Scopri la USCB: University of South Carolina Beaufort

Il Dr Bob Le Favi è uno dei docenti che incontreremo durante la nostra University Experience alla USCB, vanta un’esperienza invidiabile come insegnante per le Health Professions.

Ha preparato per noi una breve presentazione della prestigiosa University of South Carolina Beaufort in cui soggiorneremo dal 29 Giugno al 14 luglio:

The University of South Carolina in Beaufort (USCB)

USCB is rich in history, dating back to 1795 when the South Carolina General Assembly voted to provide for a College in Beaufort. That college became a two-year regional campus of the University of South Carolina system in 1959, but soon it was clear that the people of the “Lowcountry” of the United States needed more. In short time, USCB won its hard-fought petition to become a full four-year comprehensive university in 2004.

In 1959, the university enrolled 82 students. From 2005 to 2017, it was the fifth fastest-growing public university in the US according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. USCB remains in the top ten – with more than 2,000 students on three vibrant campuses: Bluffton, Beaufort, and Hilton Head Island.

Courses of study

USCB offers specialized instruction in 39 areas of study within 19 Bachelor’s degree programs, two master’s degree programs, and two associate’s degree programs in the liberal arts, the sciences, and professional disciplines as well as robust life-long learning opportunities through on-site, online, and hybrid modalities. In 2018, the university launched Beaufort College Honors with cohorts in Nursing, Biology, and Lowcountry Studies. In 2019, USCB launched its first graduate program: the M.S. in Computational Science. Then, in 2020, it launched the M.Ed. in Literacy and expanded Honors with a Business cohort. In 2021, USCB launched a cybersecurity concentration after winning a US Department of Defense grant that names USCB as one of the collaborative partners for the new South Coast Cyber Center.

Learning at USCB

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1, students at USCB enjoy personal relationships with their professors, getting to know them on a deeper level than at many larger institutions. USCB is also heavily focused on experiential learning, where students are expected to engage their chosen field in the community – through internships or field experiences – to gain more knowledge and make vital job connections.

Life on campus

Life on campus is whatever the student would like to make it. Some students enjoy quiet evenings and relaxed weekends. Others make use of the proximity of the shopping centers and beaches. There is a vibrant campus life for those who are so inclined to participate. Many clubs and organizations exist to help the student find their place in the campus community. USCB Athletics also provides an opportunity for students to feel a sense of school spirit. It is very common to see students playing volleyball, throwing frisbees and just hanging out on the campus lawns.

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