International Students’ Day – la lettera di Roberta

17 Novembre, 2021

In occasione dell’ International Students’ Day abbiamo chiesto a Roberta, nostra studentessa e autrice, di condividere la sua esperienza con i Doppio Diplomini di tutta Italia. Roberta studia a Reggio Calabria e con la Mater Academy.

Quello che ha raccontato nella lettera aperta che segue ci riempie di orgoglio.


“Dear Dual Diploma students…
First and foremost, I’d like to wish you a happy day, since today we celebrate the International Students’ Day. My advice for all of you is to take a chance during this particular recurrence to take a deep breath and thank yourself for all the efforts you’re putting in your work. I bet you’re doing amazing! How I know this?

Because we are sharing an experience together.

This experience is called Dual Diploma Program. Our school has been capable to gather students from different part of the world with a common passion: English… and it is helping all of us to make our projects tangible.
I want you, our great teachers, to know that this November 17, 2021, is also in your honour. We wouldn’t be called students if you weren’t our teachers. Thanks for caring, listening, and educating us.
My journey as an International Student started on a late August evening, when I accidentally discovered one of the school’s videos on YouTube. I called my mother and I claimed: “This is the turning point of my life!”.
I was, at that time, struggling with severe health problems: I wasn’t smiling since ages; but that night, I knew that I had found something with the power of making my days.
After more than a year since I started my journey here, I can say it out loud: this school has a power, and I believe it with my heart and soul, as strong as I believed it that August night. It is an ineffable feeling.”


“Because of this school and my strong belief in this project, now I know that I can, despite everything, find my place in the world, if not here, elsewhere. This Academy taught me the importance of goals and knowledge, but also of curiosity and kindness.”

IL SUO PROGETTO: “The Toy Soldier”

“This semester I studied the History of the United States. Gathering knowledge about those events inspired me and kick-start my imagination to such an extent that I decided to write a book. “The Toy Soldier” is a story set during the American Civil War and had as protagonist a four-year old boy called Harley and his magic wooden toy, Jon. In a warfare environment, where skin color determines a person’s worth and women are not allowed to vote or work, the two characters are able to find something to preserve: the consciousness that we are, after all, equal.”


“With the vivid longing of reaching my dreamt America, I want to share with you this truly memorable quote: try to travel, otherwise you may become racist and you may end up believing that your skin is the only one to be right, that your language is the most romantic and that you were the first to be the first. Travel, because, if you don’t travel then, your thoughts won’t be strengthened, won’t get filled with ideas. Your dreams will be born with fragile legs and then you end up believing in tv-shows, and, in those who invent enemies that fit perfectly with your nightmares, to make you live in terror. Travel, because, travel teaches to say good morning to everyone regardless of which sun we come from. Travel, because, travel teaches to say goodnight to everyone regardless of the darkness that we carry inside. Travel, because traveling teaches to resist, not to depend, to accept others, not just for who they are but also for what they can never be. To know what we are capable of, to feel part of a family beyond borders, beyond traditions and culture. Traveling teaches us to be beyond. Travel, otherwise you end up believing that you are made only for a panorama and instead, inside you there are wonderful landscapes still to visit.  – Gio Evan, poet and songwriter.

Ringraziamo Roberta e le rinnoviamo i nostri complimenti. Siamo sicuri che tutti gli ottimi risultati che sta conseguendo sono solo un anticipo di una vita di successo e ispirazione.

#Find your Extraordinary

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