Graduation Ceremony

Siamo orgogliosi dei nostri Doppio Diplomati, un grande in bocca al lupo a tutti per un futuro radioso!

Eccovi il video per rivedere i momenti più belli della cerimonia di Graduation 2018!

Graduation 2017 – Sono stati 76 i ragazzi che si sono diplomati presso l’istituto superiore italiano che frequentano e con il Programma Doppio Diploma Italia-USA.

La cerimonia di consegna del diploma americano – la Graduation Ceremonysi è svolta martedì 18 luglio 2017 presso il Teatro Nuovo di Verona, alla presenza di autorità italiane ed internazionali. Gli ospiti d’onore sono stati Filippo Rando, Assessore alle Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Verona, e Roberto Becerra, Dual Diploma World Wide Development Manager direttamente dagli USA.

Il discorso di Lilit, Valedictorian 2017, rivolto ai suoi compagni, ha emozionato la platea composta dalle famiglie e le personalità presenti.

“Today we are celebrating the end of a chapter in the book of our lives: we have to be grateful to the ones who made this possible, from our parents to our schools, since this result is far more important than we can even imagine.
Once, a Latin author, Lucius Apuleius, compared his studies to a set of cups, where he was capable of drinking. Each cup was like a subject, and each cup made his education more complete. Also,
every cup quenched a little his thirst for knowledge.
Fellow graduates, almost two millenniums later, we are experiencing the truth in those words. In fact, we have just finished a five-year path in our Italian schools, where we had the possibility of
drinking from many cups, as Apuleius: History, Philosophy, Math, and so on. However, we had another opportunity, since we drank also from a different source: indeed, we attended the Mater Academy, thus graduating also in a U.S. High School. According to other people, a second Diploma might seem just a title. According to us, it is the concrete realization of two essential elements in our lives.
First, our effort. No pain, no gain? Surely, pursuing two Diplomas in two languages, with double assignments, double deadlines, double tests, and double evaluations requires a great endurance.
Nonetheless, we did it, and we are celebrating this result today. As our teachers often say in their e-mails: “give yourself a pat on the back!” This Diploma proves our being in the running, our stamina: we should be proud of it!
Second, our profit. This Diploma is the symbol of a deeper knowledge, a sort of mark in our identity cards: now we can declare that we know the culture of another country, in a significant way. Indeed, we studied its language- without restricting ourselves to the mere grammar, but also trying to apply it in different threads-, its institutions, its history, its mentality. Furthermore, we dealt with a different approach, thus opening our minds, and going beyond our limits. Was it an enrichment? Of course, it was! This is a vital heritage, as we live in a world where borders and boundaries are more evanescent, and culture is a solid rock in which placing the foundations of our future.
Fellow graduates, once I read that knowing a language and a culture is like having a beating heart.
From now on we might say that we have two hearts: the Italian heart, and the American heart.
Class of 2017, let those two hearts beat together!”

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Graduation Ceremony 2015

20150723_105735Complimenti ai 5 doppio diplomati 2015 con il diploma Italiano dalle rispettive scuole di provenienza in Italia e quello USA della Mater Academy High School. Un grazie speciale anche agli “Students’ Ambassadors” 2015, che sono stati premiati durante la 3

Il discorso di Francesca, la Valedictorian 2015:

“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s a honor for me to be here. I would like to express my appreciation to all of my teachers, family, friends and classmates. A special thank goes to Mater Academy staff, and in particular to Daniel Meyer and Richard Collins, for making the Dual Diploma possible in Italy.

Class of 2015, we are the pioneers of the Dual Diploma in Italy. Our hard work has made it possible to graduate, as our virtual mates all around the world are doing, at Mater Academy High School, while we are earning our diplomas here in Italy. Isn’t it incredible?

The diploma will create new possibilities for us: for the ones who will attend university in the USA the door is open now. For the ones who will continue their studies in Italy or in another country, it has given the skill of studying in English on virtual courses, that are required by most universities. For all of us it has been a unique experience: having classmates alle around the world, listening to our teachers’ lessons on Skype, travelling to Mater Academy in Miami and studying there for two weeks.

No matter what our job will be, our future receives a special reinforcement with today’s graduation. My future career as an engineer will surely include speaking in English, collaborating in an international team, using IT and having an open mind. For these things the Dual Diploma was a great training as it was for all of you, class of 2015.

The Dual Diploma has given us the possibility of doing all this: let’s go towards the future as citizens of the world!

Congratualtions Dual Diploma graduates.”