Congrats to the 5 Dual Diploma Graduates of the year 2015, who now have their home school diploma and the Mater Academy High School Diploma. A special thanks to the ‘Students’ Ambassadors’ 2015, who have been awarded during the ceremony.

Francesca’s speech, the 2015 Valedictorian:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s a honor for me to be here. I would like to express my appreciation to all of my teachers, family, friends and classmates. A special thank goes to Mater Academy staff, and in particular to Daniel Meyer and Richard Collins, for making the Dual Diploma possible in Italy.

Class of 2015, we are the pioneers of the Dual Diploma in Italy. Our hard work has made it possible to graduate, as our virtual mates all around the world are doing, at Mater Academy High School, while we are earning our diplomas here in Italy. Isn’t it incredible?

The diploma will create new possibilities for us: for the ones who will attend university in the USA the door is open now. For the ones who will continue their studies in Italy or in another country, it has given the skill of studying in English on virtual courses, that are required by most universities. For all of us it has been a unique experience: having classmates all around the world, listening to our teachers’ lessons on Skype, travelling to Mater Academy in Miami and studying there for two weeks.

No matter what our job will be, our future receives a special reinforcement with today’s graduation. My future career as an engineer will surely include speaking in English, collaborating in an international team, using IT and having an open mind. For these things the Dual Diploma was a great training as it was for all of you, class of 2015.

The Dual Diploma has given us the possibility of doing all this: let’s go towards the future as citizens of the world!

Congratulations Dual Diploma graduates.’

Francesca F.

Some Italian Mastheads and the City Hall of Verona have written on the Graduation Ceremony 2015: