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Pubblichiamo un estratto da un’e-mail che Anna, doppio diplomina, ha inviato al direttore americano del Programma Doppio Diploma.

I signed up for the Dual Diploma, and I just wanted to let you know how enthusiastic I am about it. Personally, I love English as a language, so taking courses in it is ideal for me. 

On a more objective view, the Dual Diploma is an exceptional opportunity for anyone interested in countrygirl-349923_1920pursuing their studies or even their careers in an English country. Anyone who isn’t an English mother-tongue, of course. It opens so many more possibilities in the world. It certifies a determined level of the language, and this can be just enough in many educational or professional settings. Foreigners completing the program have a considerable advantage on other foreigners who only have a diploma from their own country. The Dual Diploma can facilitate or even improve many people’s lives!

The program is not only very useful, but also highly enjoyable. Other than enabling an increase in the use of English, it also offers contact with many other students from around the world, which is incredible for those who have never experienced such a mixture of cultures. Actually, it’s incredible for those who have experienced it too. It’s an entertaining and interesting way of making new friends and learning about other cultures. Furthermore, the program offers great satisfactions: being able to fit the extra work in with all one’s daily tasks is not always simple, so it demonstrates high responsibility, organization and maturity. This, combined to obtaining compensating results, is very satisfying, I can tell you! All these factors also enhance growth as a person, in the mind: growth in independency and responsibility and maturity.

Finally, having a choice on two subjects out of six makes the work even more pleasurable, considering that one gets to study topics they know for sure that they will like, because they themselves decided on them. I, for example, am taking my first optional course this year: psychology. Now, thanks to you and the Dual Diploma, I have discovered a deep passion for it and am seriously considering to study it at university. So, the program can be a way to deepen knowledge about oneself too! All this could sound too good to be true, yet it is, and it’s fantastic.

Personally, I am really having a great time doing these courses. They allow me to work and study in a way that is different from the one I am used to with my Italian school. The platforms are easy to use, I am very happy with my tutor and I am even obtaining very satisfying results. I am not having trouble in fitting the extra work in my time-table, and yet I am a very busy person! I dedicate a lot of time to studying for school, and also to playing volleyball. I always put a lot of effort in what I do, especially in what I care about: and the Dual Diploma is definitely one of those things! Even when I am at school, I look forward to getting home and working on my online lessons. What’s better than enjoying work? It’s rare, and it feels amazing.

So overall, thank you for having created this program. It’s the best opportunity that many students could dream of. You have really done an amazing job, and I just wanted to emphasize on this!