What’s more for Dual Diploma students?

Optional activities


In addition to the traditional high school activities, which are held through the online platform and skype calls with the teacher, the Dual Diploma Program enhances the intercultural exchange and the personal growth through optional educational activities, which develop in various ways throughout the academic year. These activities are always growing and improving, thanks to the constant updating of teachers and of the academic

plan, which aims to develop a complete education using the most modern tools.

Here is a list of extra-curricular activities available to the students:

  1. Ave Friends: The programmed interaction of Italian students with American students of their age, who get in touch to get to know each other in a formative context, just like a modern pen pal, whom you meet through supervised video calls.
  1. Voluntary sessions: small group videoconferences with the American teacher, aimed at dealing with topics of the course the student is attending. In these conferences the students are supposed to express themselves and to interact with the others over the topic of choice, a discussion that can be carried on through the forum after the session ends.
  1. Edmodo: it is the social network of the schools par excellence, where the students can talk with each other and with the teacher about the above mentioned activities (for example Ave friends). Here the teacher shares course materials and some follow-up materials.
  2. Live Feeds into American classes: classes held in the American High School for the local students but open to the Dual Diploma students thanks to a webcam in the classroom. The subjects may vary according to the session, but all the material prepared by the American teacher will be shown to the DD students, making the lesson very similar to a real situation.

New activities for the Dual Diploma students will be uploaded in the next few months!