This page gathers opinions, comments, and experiences about the Dual Diploma shared with us by students, teachers and businessmen.


  • Professor Borghi, Istituto ‘Fermi’ of Mantua, after almost a year his students had begun the program:

‘It’s evident that the Dual Diploma is a great opportunity for high school students. I teach at the Applied Sciences Institute ‘Enrico Fermi’ of Mantua and I have been taking care of the program since last September.

Almost 50 students of my Institute have already enrolled in the Dual Diploma program: they are all truly satisfied of what they are doing because they are aware that their knowledge of the English language will improve substantially and their education will be much more complete.

The students can access well-structured online courses, with first class material. The ‘live sessions’ through Skype and the chance to take part to club activities integrate the program and make it varied and effective.



Certainly, the students need to organize their week, since it takes constant commitment to attend the program. When it comes to the commitment required from the coordinating teacher, I can reassure my colleagues interested in joining the Dual Diploma that the time and effort needed to take care of everything is very little. It mostly entails organizing the first meetings and helping some students during the placement test and when the courses begin. After the courses start the students are completely autonomous and the only task required form the teacher will be encouraging and motivating any student that might be struggling with the deadlines or being the middleman between the school and the offices in Verona to organize meetings or presentations. Obviously, you ought to keep informed on the progress of the student, reading the emails that the American teachers send regularly, but this is no hardship. To conclude, I feel like saying to my colleagues interested in the Program that the effort it takes is fairly small for the teacher, but the benefits for the students will be far greater.’

Paolo Borghi





  • The Regional School Office of the Marche had published the General Consul of Italy in Miami’s note on its website, where he states the opportunities offered by the Dual Diploma. To see the complete note, just click on the link below.
  • The original record of the speech by Daniel Mayer, American Director of the Program.
  • Elena Biroli, mom of Daniele, one of our enrolled students: ‘As a parent, I saw a great opportunity in the Dual Diploma for a number of reasons: it is a formative opportunity, since it allows you to deepen your knowledge of the English language. This helps you improve your marks in the Italian course of English, just as it has happened to my son. It is also a cultural opportunity because the interaction with the American culture allows you to attend classes which are not offered in Italy, and it is also a friendship opportunity, because the direct link via Skype with the American Students creates the opportunity to make new friends. It is also an opportunity for life, because the Miami Summer Program allows you to be physically there, right next to your American classmates, and it lets you get in touch with a different lifestyle and language, widen your prospects and create ties that will be permanent. Even after months they are still in touch… and after the got off the plane then can’t wait to be back next year.’
  • Paolo Ferrero, HR Manager of Hexagon Metrology S.p.A,

‘I personally believe that the Dual Diploma, recognized in Italy and the U.S., can be a personal improvement and an opportunity for those who are able to seize it.

You get in touch with a different school system and culture, you are forced into improving your English, which is a prerequisite to be hired in any multinational corporation.

Having it on your CV is definitely a preferential requisite and a topic of discussion whenever you get an interview.
The soundness of the Diploma in the U.S. is also given by the possibility of applying to the American universities; indeed a rare opportunity due to the high costs and understandable personal reasons, but still something to consider, given the high level of youth unemployment in Italy and the overall trends in the job market.