Apply to the Dual Diploma Program

If you are thinking on enrolling in the Dual Diploma program, you have landed on the right page! We are now accepting applications to start the Dual Diploma Program in the next academic year. All the students who want to sign up will need to fill in and send us these documents via email:

  • the Application Form below
  • the Costs Form below with your invoicing details
  • proof of payment of the enrollment fee

It is important that you sign up on time, we are currently offering a discount for early sign up to all the students who complete their Application Form and send it by June 30th 2016.

Only the students who send us their complete application with all the required documents will be admitted to take part in the Dual Diploma Program Admission Test, which will take place this coming September.

For any further information you might need to complete you application, do not hesitate to contact us!