For the Italian High Schools

The Dual Diploma Program is included in many high schools’ extra-curricular activities. All this to increase the offer for the students and provide them with a tool to improve their abilities independently.

For their school to collaborate with Mater Academy and the Dual Diploma Program is a great way to increase their chances of getting a good job or of being accepted into the best institutions of higher education.

Including the Dual Diploma Program in your academic offer is easy: you only need to make sure your students are informed about the possibility of having an introductory meeting, or you might prefer to create a dedicated page on your website, or any other solution you deem fitting.

The Dual Diploma Offices will take care of the students, they will also provide scholarships and, if required, they will be student-teacher-family mediators. This to ensure that the students are able to make the most out of the program, so that they will be able to interact with the teacher and the other students as much as possible, still being able to attend proficiently their Italian classes.

Some Italian high schools have also decided to include the Dual Diploma Program in their academic programs, thus having a teacher interacting directly with their American colleagues or with the Mater Academy Italian tutors to offer greater support to the students.