Miami Summer Program @ Mater Academy High School August-September

The students enrolled in the Dual Diploma have the chance to spend a study period at Mater Academy High School in Miami (U.S.A.), the school from which they graduate at the end of the program. Mater Academy High School is a Charter School with an A ranking, which means one of the schools with the highest quality.

Some photos of the building and of the activities of Mater Academy High School:

Mater Academy High School in Miami (U.S.A.), the school where the students have attended class with their American students.

A war welcome from the Mater Academy students for our Italian kids, who have immediately mingled with the local students wearing the uniform and badge.


The school buses, for the trips and the days out with the American classmates.

The sport field at Mater Academy High School, where the students have P.E. classes and sports activities in the afternoon.

Training of some Mater students in the afternoon. Sport activities and competitions against other High Schools are part of the school life of American students.

Mater academy has good baseball, football, swimming and volleyball teams.



The marching band and the twirlers’ group training for the pep rally, the event where all the school gathers to celebrate the school’s successes.


The cheerleaders of Mater Academy during an exhibition in the sports field. Other groups are the Lionettes, the dance group, and the majorettes.


An exhibition of the cheerleaders during the pep rally, organized in honor of the Italian students visiting through the Dual Diploma program.