Course of Study for our DD Students

Students can complete the program in 2, 3, or 4 years depending on their age and grade level when they begin.   We recommend that a student be at least 14 years old when enrolling in the program.  A minimum of 6 of the 24 graduation requirements must be taken in order to earn the Dual Diploma.  All students will take the 4 Required Courses:  2 Credits in English, United States History, and United States Government/Economics. Students will take 2 credits of Electives.

  • 4 Year Program Year 1: English  Year 2: English & Elective Year 3: United States History & Elective  Year 4: United States Government/Economics
  • 3 Year Program Year 1: English & Elective Year 2: English & United States History Year 3: United States Government/Economics & Elective
  • 2 Year Program Year 1:  English, United States History & Elective Year 2: English, United States Government/Economics & Elective 2° Anno: Inglese, Istituzioni ed Economia Americana e Opzionale